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What is natto? Japanese people convey their attractiveness.


Do you know the Japanese food "natto"?

Even Japanese food is one of the familiar ones and most people eat.

However, natto smells stinky. Moreover, there is a unique stickiness, it seems strange when people other than Japanese see it.

Some people say "rotten beans" in foreign countries.

Why do Japanese love natto? I will tell you more about natto, a Japanese.

What is natto made of?

Natto is made of soybeans. Soybeans are produced not only in Japan, but also in the United States and Canada.

At a Japanese food factory, we make soybeans in large quantities. Ferment the soybeans by attaching "fungus" to the soybeans.

The unique stickiness of natto is what the fungus produced. If you hold beans with chopsticks, it seems that threads are coming out.

It is serious to wash and get washed. I stick around the mouth and feel sticky, so wipe with tissue.

What smell is Natto?

Even a Japanese who eats a lot of natto feel that its smell is stinky.

●Odor on the sole of the foot

●like smells rotten Cheese

Natto can be compared to various smells.

There is no Japanese who smells like natto.

Strangely, The smell of natto disappears when you eat.

What kind of nutrition does Natto have?

Natto is a very nutritious food.

The ingredients contained in the stickiness of natto work to improve the flow of blood. You can prevent bad diseases due to lifestyle habits.

Also, it is effective for people who are suffering from constipation, rich in dietary fiber.

There is a component of "anti-aging" contained in soybean, it is useful for prevention of diseases such as cancer.

natto also have plenty of nutrients to produce the energy of our bodies.

What is the taste of natto?

It smells smelling, but it smells little when you eat it.

In most cases, I feel strongly the taste of seasonings.

Natto tastes soy sauce.

I will mix rice with natto with taste and eat it. The rice and the taste of natto mix together, and a unique gentle sweetness comes out and it is tasty.

Why do Japanese eat natto?

For foreigners, you may not understand that Japanese eat natto.

It looks bad, it smells bad. It is sticky and unwieldy.

For Japanese people, it is one of the essential Japanese foods.

There are certainly Japanese people who dislike natto, but it is a minority.

Available anywhere, the price is cheap

japanese Supermarket

any supermarket sells Natto.

In big supermarkets, more than 10 types of natto are displayed in large quantities.

When a foreigner sees this sight, it will be very surprised. "rotten beans are lining up!"

Natto is very inexpensive. Even in Japan, hamburgers are sold at McDonald's, but it is one fifth of the price.

I eat meat, fish and vegetables, but if there is no side dish, natto can be obtained cheaply and easily.

Even without heating cooking, just mix it in "soy sauce" and put it in rice. Easy to eat is one of the attractions.

Cook using natto

Natto rice

It is what we eat natto by mixing rice. It is the most simple way of cooking.

Place in miso soup

The Japanese classic "Miso soup". It is delicious to eat natto in miso soup.

Because natto's stickiness can be taken, it is easy to eat.

Fry in a frying pan

You can also heat natto and rice with a frying pan.

The smell of natto becomes weak, it becomes easy to eat. Stickiness remains in the frying pan, so it is hard to wash.

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